Waiting for the bump

Just imagine;
Walking towards the parking lot.
Coming out of a successful concert,
You’re the lead.
Lots of hooters and applause.
For you, the bassist and, the drummer.
But, realizing,
the drummer is going to die someday.
being the oldest of the cohorts.
The band is not going to last as far.
But brother,
you’re keying the wrong car.

Just imagine;
The skill you got on this dark vacant night.
Stabilizing a swerving vehicle
while looking at the drunk rider.
Throwing, at you, the verbal fire.
But, measuring the intensity of his sadness
drove him to drink this harder.
But brother,
the trailer truck on the other side has already sent you flying higher.

Just imagine;
Lying on dense grass besides a dark star-mirroring lake and dew.
But, realizing your pool of blood is reciprocating the lake view.
The mirror somehow extends till under you.
But brother,
The leaking ‘white’ cerebrospinal fluid is ruining the view.

Just imagine;
Speeding through the traffic in a small EMS vehicle.
The nurse’s boobs are suffocating you unknowingly.
Smiling while you’re bloody-ing her uniform completely.
But brother,
you’re lying besides a dog you killed, probably.

Just imagine;
Lying comatose is classic white hospital room.
Mastering the art of counting seconds on the clock.
But fortunately, in the absence of human flock.
But, brother,
in the absence of the closest of your flock.

Just imagine;
The next morning,
Staring up to your dame; the wife and the mini-dame.
A song is sung and
your daughter might leave you on her way to fame.
“You’ll get better, says the doctor.”
But, you know she can’t make a claim.
Departures come with pseudo- promises.
But brother,
You couldn’t stop her from shooting herself, you maim.

They say, it was the “Anxiety Disorder.”
Dueling for quite a while.
“You’re lucky, she didn’t take the toddler.”
“It’s a formality to tell you.”, waved the file.
Formidability.of the mind.
“Did she really love me? Or she would’ve shared the gore.”
“Did she really love me? She would’ve noticed it in me before.”
“Did she really love me?
She knew I’m going to wake up at this morrow.”

And suddenly, the fame attracting voice will resonate.
The mini-dame is running towards you; her favorite playmate.
And you think the sun is served on a plate.

But brother,
Now, you,
you’re waiting for the sharp spear-phrase twist of the almighty.
But, dear brother,
Welcome to anxiety.

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