Waiting and letting things happen is a superpower in some situations. You don’t always need to continuously keep doing things that may add stress to your life or create confusion. The best example of this situation is when the world was facing the COVID pandemic. Many of us were in a continuous fight with our own self and wondering how this pandemic will end and how will it create troubles in your life. Wondering and stressing over it at that point of time will not help at all.

A wise way to deal with it would be to just “wait and observe”. Keep doing the things that are in your control, keep moving forward but stressing over it would be like banging your head against a wall.

Life throws many such situations at you where “waiting” is the best possible thing to do. It requires a lot of patience and skill to master it. I would like to clear it with an example : There is storm in your town. Would you come out of house and go to work during that storm just because you are stressed about the loss you may suffer at work? That may be life threatening, obviously. A better solution would be to stay in your house and “wait” for the storm to pass. “Waiting” is a superpower sometimes, you need to master it.

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