Wake Up!!!

What does it mean, to be a human?
What makes a human
A human?
What makes them different
From the others?
We’ve all asked these to ourselves
During our learning ages.

They all have similar answers,
Don’t they?
Manners, etiquettes, and everything.

There are animals,
Treated as humans.
Some, deserve it…
Some, don’t

The abundance of the latter type
In my nation
Has put me into a dilemma…

I had vowed to serve the nation.
Treat it like a mother
And serve it, as it’s child.

But do you call
A rotting skeleton
Which is beautiful from the outside
But has these beautiful creatures
Eating it from the inside,
As your mother??
Lest serve that beautiful filth.

Those creepy crawlies
Have made me despise my mother.

This deteriorating mother
Needs our help!
And we can only help her
If we stand our ground
Against this filth
And not add to it!

Our beloved mother
Will no longer have the power
To take care of us.
We’ll be homeless,
The beautiful blue Ganges
Will be the beautiful red Ganges
The high-yielding rice fields
Will become infertile forever.

It is up to us,
What we want our future to be
This is more of a message
To wake us up…
And realise what grave situation
We’ll be in…
There’ll be a world war,
While India, will have its first
Civil war.

It is high time we all woke up!
And prioritise
To develop our brains first,
And then our clothing etc.

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