Wallpaper- peeling,
The adhesives crack against leaning bodies,
I’m stained with their sweat- my pores open,
Petals are wilted from the exhaustion of futile coerce.

I see reflections in your eyes,
The world is a field of our breed- just existing,
Our roots are tailored into modest suits,
Pollen spews honeyed words from our bashful mouths.

I stand a picture frame while you dance dodging toes,
Different breeds of being oblivious- we all are,
I chose the cliff; you were shoved in the forest,
I’m sorry you bloomed in winter.

I droop down for the both of us-
as the sun swelters our blisters,
They tan under the naked rays of this daylight,
Tomorrow will bring stains to our lips again,
A blush or red wine- I only pray the lights are dim.

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