Dear Friend,

I know you are struggling inside,
Which has made you go low and quiet.
Disinterested in pampering
yourself in any way, be it mental appetite
or even the bodily diet.

Having walked in your shoes,
I do understand the craving to
stay to yourself, away and zoned out,
Wearing a lukewarm smile
and silence outside, while the inner you
wants to badly scream and shout.

I can relate to your tired bones and
tensed nerves, seeking nourishment of
understanding, love, and care,
I can feel all your anxiety, making
you behave the way that’s so
unlike you and rare.

Still, having realised, how such
down-in-the-mouth silence
handicaps your wellbeing,
I so wish to see you hold the fort
and turn to me more often pouring
your heart out, on my shoulders leaning
or in my arms, keying.

Undoubtedly, you will fight this
and come out stronger than before,
But you needn’t do it all alone
when you have a confidante
in me for you, at the fore.

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