Water Pollution

Water pollution is bad, and people doing it make me mad.
They forget that it harms our environment, yes, it’s true.
Not just plants and animals, but us too.
“That’s not in our hands.”, “What can we do?” Few of us may ask.
But honestly, it is not a difficult task.
Don’t be a follower always be a leader.
Don’t pollute our waters and not let others do it too.
Let’s stand up and fight against what is wrong.
Don’t be afraid, just be strong.
I am ending my song with these above words,
next time, make sure to sing along.


  1. Priya Choudhari

    Such a beautiful poem. Thanks for creating awareness among our society. Keep up all your good work 👍

  2. Srushti Chauhan

    It is remarkable that this generation is taking actions and efforts to spread awareness about climate change, harm to environment and ways to curb it. Way to go Saanvi, I see you growing up to be the person who fights against the culprits of damage to environment.

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