We can not see everything

“I wonder the misery they have” -said Shreya in a pitiful voice.
Shreya is a middle schooler, a girl from West Bengal, stays in Coimbatore because of his father’s work.
Accompaning Shreya, Madhiva replied “How can a person survives like this?”
Madhiva, a girl from Rameswaram with top grades which make her friend with Shreya who is the topper of the class.
They both have lavish lifestyles, elegant looks and supporting behavior. They help people, make funny jokes, play around like kids, laugh like they don’t have any future and of course very punctual. Well, they are not only the ones who are friends with each other, but actually they have a pretty bigger friend circle. They have five more friends in their group who are also top graders but not toppers. Also not so sympathetic like Shreya and Madhiva. The elegance of both of them makes more

beautiful not only by their looks but also their manners too. The other girls are not jealous of their looks but by their marks, which is pretty obvious for a good student.
Continuing the conversation Pratima, a Bihari girl, said – “Yeah…seriously! I too wonder how can she be like that, I can understand her, but..” pausing in the mid sentence with such a suspicious word, makes Shweta ask her -” But what…? She is really miserable, I also think about her because I also have such family issues….” Cutting her sentence Pratima says ” but you are not a liar like her, also you are not bad in studies, leave the study matter it’s not important at all, but the lying habit of her, isn’t quite annoying? Means you can’t trust her even one sentence, lying have became her habit, she doesn’t even speak truth.” Everyone nodded their head in acceptance, but Shreya was very quite while nodding. Her silence made Shweta,

an Assamese girl, suddenly change the topic and turning it to Shreya’s good fate – “How lucky you are? You don’t have any problems, not any issues, you are good in studies and also in dancing and poetry..” Madhiva in between of the way of completion of Shweta’s sentence pokes in and adds in a tone of continuing the list of Shreya’s talents – ” drawing..?” Shweta repeated that ” yeah drawing…you don’t have any pressure or stress except of the education.” ” Your mind is free of such tensions that parents may fight again. I am happy for you but a jealous too. May be if I hadn’t have these kinds of problems then I could have topped the class like you.” “Well which is not true because your IQ is quite stronger than mine.”
“Will your please stop flattering my fate? Or I have to kick you to shut your mouth like I did in her birthday.” Shreya said in an irrated voice pointing towards Madhiva

about the kicking incident. Everyone laughed hilariously including Shweta.
After the lunch break, they had their classes as usual and then in mid of the seventh period, councilor ma’am came, asked for Reema and took her with her. No wonder that the four girls were talking about Reema only, who is suffering from depression because of some school bullies and her family issues. As the rumor of the reason behind her this health spread, everyone in the class moreover who are conscious about class, get to know that, her parents were in the verge of getting divorce, because of their constant fights. Reema also wasn’t able to concentrated in her studies very well, so her marks were deteriorating with her mental and physical health.
School bell rang and everyone dispatched.
After reaching home, Shreya thought about Reema and was able to match both

of them’s conditions, about their family.
In reality Shreya also have this kind of issues in her home, where she can’t focus on her studies well, but her father being very strict always told her to do only her things and not to think about the rest of world even about her parents and brother. He is pretty rational and practical but he is not so aware of today’s society which is way different than his time. He doesn’t like LGBGQ+, he believes that children can not face stresses, problems in settling or adjustments or suffering from depression. According to him children are only meant to study until they reach a position where they have their pavements strong enough to spend money easily on anything.
Shreya’s mother is also like that but she has some common knowledge about today’s generation that children are suffering from many problems but for her, this doesn’t mean that the child will lack in

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