Every day we find, hear and Read,
About various animals who are in need.
The circus, Zoo, the fur and the factory farm,
The pain, the fear, the unbelievable harm.

The injustice they are facing since the stone age,
They are kept chained and huddled in the cage.
Some stand in silence, some in rage,
Expecting to complete soon their age.

They give most exhilarating rides on their bare backs,
How could we dare to choke their air sac.
How could we dare to trap and catch them in sack,
How could we dare to grasp them as our snack.

These lives are wholesomely innocent,
To live is their right equivalent.
Killing them is not something to boast about your talent,
Oh human! Your deeds do not sound attractive or any gallant.

Imagine the pain if thine fingers are cut,
You would turn insane, to imagine such is not even in your guts.

Visualize that your neck is chained,
You are beaten up untill blood stained.
Imagine you are just a piece of being entertained,
Would you be happy and self contained?

If your answer is no,
Take a vow,
Those innocent have got no choice,
Those innocent have got no voice,
In the God’s name, stop this brutality,
In the God’s name, stop this cruelty,
In the God’s name, stop this barbarity,
Oh human! Please! Put a break on your inhumanity!!

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