Weekly Calls

You called a week ago, and started a rant before I even said hello
Something about guys and other girls
And how it messed you up
You called again, two days after that
Complaining about a random kiss,
And didn’t even let me get a word in
You called again, four days into the week
This time it was something about a stroll at the beach, which turned into a long talk
And how you thought you deserved better, and were denied just that.
You called me just last night. I knew to stay quiet this time.
And you said you were confused, that you wanted someone, but who?
But it had to be earned, because you said you were different
You were fed up, you wanted something better
You asked me what I thought you should do
I sighed.
If I told you the truth, would you accept it?
Or would it be a bitter pill to swallow?
You called my name, checking if I was still on the call
And I contemplated cutting it right there
The ten second silence in between was deafening
But I put on your favourite voice
And told you exactly what you wanted to hear.
You thanked me and smiled, apparently satisfied
I said, “Anytime!” And you happily cut the call right after
You never once asked how I was.

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