What a Wonderful Life

It’s too good to be true
As I gazed into your eyes
Holding on to your hands
I could see every moment
Flash in front of me
I could feel every moment
Flow through my veins
Oh how high you flew
Too kind to be true
Now I see your smile
Light up the sky
You know it’s your time
And now the memories are mine
Dancing through the stars
You shone like the sun
Touching every heart
As you walked passed by
Oh What a Wonderful Life
You’ve chosen to lead
A shining glimmering light
Sparkling in my head
Little did I know
That Time is Hope
The Unspoken Truth
Realized from your look
As I leaned on
And kissed you Good Night
Little did I know
I kissed you Good Bye
You traversed into the Long Night
Sleeping peacefully and dreaming
Dancing through the stars screaming
I’m left behind reminiscing the feeling
Looking at your life turning the pages
Filled with memories of your smile
How you turned the tide being mischievous
How you turned the frown upside down
Moments go fleeting as you’ve grown
Oh What a Wonderful Life
You’ve left me with
And I go on turning the pages
Left to be filled with more
Oh What a Wonderful Life Indeed
A blessing in disguise,
To be lived with glee
I see you everyday within me
So… Soo long
I kiss you Good Bye
I kiss you Good Night.

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