What is Happiness all about

Well, it is said that happiness is all about the mental and emotional state of a human being. It is indeed a vast subject and varies from one person to another. The level of happiness also differs. We can briefly say that positive vibes, satisfaction in life when basic needs are achieved, physical and mental well-being and healthy lifestyle can primarily make one happy. For some listening to music makes them feel good, while some others may feel happy when they do something for their loved ones or maybe for some others it could be playing a sport.
Whatever it is the main thing that follows is from your mentally and physical health and well-being. A simple act of kindness can make you happy. It is said that when you are in a positive set of minds you can indulge in healthy behaviour and this can lead to many more
It is said that money cannot buy happiness, but I would say money do play a role in our mental state. If we cannot fulfill our basic need then how can, we be positive. So, money does make one feel secure and this further leads to confidence. Having friends and loved ones do add to the well being of a person in different levels from one person to the other. Happiness is not something to achieve, it happens naturally and slowly and needs continuous nurturing and sustenance. As we move along in life, we have experiences or superior moments in which one can expect to feel deep understanding, happiness, and joy. This special euphoria improves our emotions and help us to achieve greater happiness along the way. As these positive wells being comes in, we feel satisfied with life and are equipped to cope with anything. You find that there is satisfaction, coping skills, better health and stress management etc. That’s why by the time we reach 60, we have reached a state of being when we are considered to be enjoying the second spring of happiness. One of the reasons for this growing happiness at this point is that our responsibilities and duties are almost over. At this point in life many find that their children have left their abode to pursue their own dreams and hopes. They might be married or would have made their own nest or they might have become independent, spread their wings and been free to follow their dreams. new bound freedom and the sweet satisfaction we get could be a reason for happiness. Another reason is the time and space we enjoy now. We have plenty of time to pursue whatever we dreamed of and rediscover ourselves. We have time to rediscover our hobbies. We have enough time to look back on our life and be grateful of things we achieved and rediscover the intoxication of memories. It requires uncomfortable or painful experiences that help us to learn, grow, and develop
In fact, it is said that we can even practice happiness. for this we need to understand what triggers happiness in each of us and then you can take steps to achieve it. Its an ongoing process and there is no special formula. The first thing one should note is to enjoy the present moment, drive away negative thoughts and reframe them to positive thoughts. Do things that can bring moments or spurts of happiness in your life. Practice kindness, take care of your body and health. Explore your hobbies, be thankful of things you have achieved in life or have in life. Look for challenges, learn new things and don’t sit idle. don’t overvalue things, develop friends, keep your connections with family and friends alive. Do what you enjoy and don’t stop at anything.


  1. Stefanie Brown

    A point often overlooked: there can be no happiness without unhappiness. Thanks for the reminder.

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