What once was mine

When I was a child ,free from worry and reality ,
I could fly like a kite,soaring into the skies, away from humanity ,
I was sheltered in a safe cacoon, not discriminated based on religion or ethnicity ,
Such I believed was my life, always presented with silver spooned opportunity.

I see colours of the bright sun, shining down on us, giving us hope ,
To get through the day, chin held high, not being defined within a scope,
Being brought up with confidence to take on all challenges like walking a tightrope,
Focussing on shooting for the stars and not limited to a telescope ,
Not drowning in pools of alcohol and floating away in dope ,
Such I hoped would be my life, before everything went down slope .

I see colours of joy and hear laughter in the air,
Surrounded by my family and my true love stroking my hair ,
Clichéd red string partner, the Chuck to my Blair,
Never thought I would meet my destined one on a flight of stairs,
Things elevated and escalated and soon I was the Mrs of the homely lair ,
Such was my life filled with happiness,until I walked in on my husband having an affair.

As I watched the night stars and the little moon ,twinkling and bright,
I contemplate what’s going on around and wonder whether it’s worth the fight ,
In a world where we are denied our basic human right,
The smallest hope destroyed by being a deer in the highlight ,
Cowering in the shadows, trying our best to stay away from the limelight,
I walk away from the window and face the mirror and take in the sight ,
My eyes begging to stay rooted and not take flight,
Such has become my life, that once reflected hope has now lost the burning light.

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