When I look at you

When I look at you
I feel complete.
As I stand gazing at you,
A trickle of joy and numbness runs very deep.

Is it true that the sun rises from your eyes and sets in your curls?
For if it does, I’m missing some sunshine in my life.
I can’t say that your face looks like the moon,
Because millions admire its beauty and the pleasure of praising you should only be mine.

I expect you to let me explore your darkness and intend to share mine.
What more does love mean than to brighten each other’s life?

Betwixt the storm of life,
your silhouette is all I see.
By reaching and holding on to it,
My soul will forever be free.
I said, when I look at you I feel complete,
Can think of no other way to say this as I fall asleep…


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