When It Rains

The tranquil sky and homeless clouds
With shades of grey draped around,
Sends the charming wind away
With news that rain’s on its way.
The tears of joy wept by sky
Composed as an art of divinity
Universal song that touches all hearts
And addresses all souls, is this melody.

As the handful of joy set free
Soaks in soil with motherly care
Young green earth thrills with glee
And the fresh petrichor tickles the air.
Somewhere in the corner of darkest woods
Galleons of flora re awake from slumber
And queen of birds wrapped in royal blue
Dances to the beats of overwhelmed

This rain, being blessed with an augmented heart
Companies all who stand alone
An assuring friend who sees through every
Tumultuous feeling one has undergone .
When burden of loss rips one apart
Betrayal brings a flood of pain
The grief is escorted from the poor heart
To ebb as tears with gentle flow of rain.

For two young hearts whom first time ever
Dulcet of love had enchanted
Their canvas of life adorns vibrant hue
While a lovely downpour keeps them blessed.

Someone else gets rewarded better
while rain unlocks memories of days
Perpetual and precious with golden worth
That despite aging never fades.

After healing world with loads of goodness
When time ascends to bid goodbye
It soothes life with tender radiance
And dear rain departs with a rainbow in the sky.

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