Who is Your Hero?

An answer that makes some earn friends and some lose friends. An answer over which people debate. Some might choose Batman, Spider Man, Captain America or Iron Man. Some Might stick with Rajnikanth, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan. Some might claim Barak Obama, Abdul Kalam, Elon Musk or Ratan Tata. A Few might even answer Chota Bheema or Doremon. There isn’t an Incorrect Answer to this Question, but by Tagging someone else as a Hero are, we missing to Identify the True Hero?

A Hero, one who leads the life we dream of. Someone who gets to and can-do things that we want to. Someone who inspires us. Someone who makes us believe in things beyond reality. Someone who attracts us with his or her charisma. Quite a generic and personal definition of a Hero but am sure most of us will agree with it. However, the love and admiration we have for our hero overshadows someone special. Mesmerized and deceived by the world accompanied with unfulfilled desires and promises makes us visually impaired towards one who deserves all the attention and acknowledgement rather receives only guilt, blame and hatred. He goes unrecognized and unappreciated in lives of many and still puts up with them forever. It’s not your family or friend am talking about its more personal. It’s YOU.
Life is a beautiful journey filled with surprises. Each day sets an opportunity to explore, but not without challenges. It is YOU who fought these challenges. Be it the grades you received, the games you won or lost, the mails you wrote to your love, the gifts your bought for your family, the interviews you cracked or the offers you rejected, all of it was done just by YOU. Each time you broke, you made sure you come back. The crowd might have bullied you, abused you, harassed you but none of it stopped you from growing into what you are today. Your family and friends might have believed you, but it is you who made them believe in you. You might have not gone to battlefield but remaining sane amid different personalities is a battle too. You have cared and sympathized for your family and friends. You have stood beside when you saw someone broken. You have set someone smile at least once. Yes, paths did turn tough, but you never turned around. You moved forward until you reached your destination.
He has been there with you and he will continue to. He does not demand or expect. Never prioritize someone over him as at the end of the day he is the only one for you. As the Light of realization enters Life so will fade the disability we have. To accept or reject is a choice.
Does this amazing person not deserve to be celebrated as your True Hero?

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