Why do I deserve this

I am lost and lost in thoughts
Wondering why do I deserve this
Things have come and long gone
Mumbling let bygones be bygone
But it is easier said than done
Crushing through my veins all alone
Why do I deserve this?

I didn’t ask for it to evolve
I didn’t ask for much
I never wanted to be a part of
What’s left behind to hope for?
You come giveth as you please
You come and taketh as you please
Leaving me behind to let me be
Why do I deserve this?

Darkness swirls within me…
Shredding at the light behind
There is nothing left within me
Holding on to a thread behind
Is this what loneliness truly means?
I’ve got more to lose it seems
What do you want from me?
While all I’ve got is my life
Why do I deserve this?

Deep into my own abyss
I’m clinging onto my knees
Oblivion stretches forever
Time passes by like a river
Burns me along, caught in a fire
Like a hot ash from lava it blows
Throwing at me blows after blows
And I look up deep into the horizon
Wondering to capture a glimpse of the light
Darkness swirls within me
Darkness all around me
Darkness is all I breathe
Darkness is all I feel
As the gushing lava flows around me
Darkness has caught up with me
Should I embrace it like a brother?
Should I embrace it like a Lover?
Why should I deserve this?
Maybe I do deserve this
As it is a part of me
Making me what I am
Consuming from within
Sanity is broken into insaneness
I’m one among the brethren
I am…. Darkness.

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