Why do I hate horrors?

Why do i hate horrors?
I don’t.
I live with a walking shadow.
I watch her cloak trail,
Everytime I turn.

I watch her glow green,
Everytime I succeed.
I watch her,
Watch my fire.
And wait for it to blow out.

I watch her
Watch me sleep.
I watch her
Watch me laugh.
Twist my muscles
till I’m locked,
Breathe until I no longer can.

She is,
Always watching.

In times when she needs to,
She takes reign.
Always hurting.
Always snipping.
Always thirsty.
Willing to slit a throat
Watch it bleed.
Pulsating the veins,
Slithering through the slits,
Dripping into it’s own pool of blood.
Seeing it beg for mercy,
But never heed.
I do hate horrors.

Wake up;

That was the weirdest dream.
Who’d she kill?
Don’t know.
Do you not care?
Well you see,
They’re going to blame it on me.

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