Why I write poetry

I began writing poetry around three years ago, purely for the purpose of experimenting with this kind of writing. I’ve developed a strong passion for poetry writing during the last few years. Poem writing allows me to get all of my ideas, fears, and concerns out of my head, off my shoulders, and onto paper.

My poetry occasionally takes the form of a narrative. My poetry conveys the tale of my life – sometimes it’s a sad story, sometimes it’s a happy story, but it’s always a story. Being able to write out whatever is on my mind allows me to stop worrying about whatever is bothering me. It allows me to empty my mind and restart from scratch.

This is especially helpful when I’m stressed out, which is the case right now with my social withdrawal. When I write down my thoughts, I feel energised and driven to continue working on whatever it is that I need to work on. I understand that not everyone enjoys writing poetry, or even writing in general, but I do.

For me, writing poetry has become a habit. I adore writing poetry because I appreciate sharing stories and I enjoy writing even more. Let’s face it: life may be perplexing! I’m elated, angry, betrayed, anxious, or guilty — or something else entirely. Putting my thoughts on paper assists me to organise them.

I’ve had enough of being alone. I despise it when people litter in public areas. Whatever my message is, a poem allows me to express it clearly and even spread it if I am willing to read it out loud or publish my work.

Poetry is frequently used to elicit emotions. Poetry is free-flowing, emotive, and imaginative. Poetry is always a highly personal experience. It takes a certain sort of person to see, to feel, that blood lying right there in front of them after I’ve bled it out on paper. If you’re a kindred spirit, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Science holds the answers to our “hows,” and it is doing its best to satiate our curiosity by informing us about how “things” happen. That is, however, what the mind desires, not what the heart desires.

I’m frequently left to my own devices to figure out “why.” Poems are my solutions to the question “Why,” satisfying the most primal need for closure.

Poetry is a reflection of my spirit. I communicate my innermost sentiments, wishes, worries, and aspirations through poetry. I scribble down thoughts that I would never have articulated in any other way.

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