Why is everybody in hurry?

Off late I finally started driving after years long of practice accompanied by fear. My experience over the months of driving on the busy streets and lanes of Chennai has been fun, miserable, horrible, frustrated and a lot more. But driving is joyful, isn’t it?? That’s what we all believe and feel so. But my mix of experiences hasn’t made is joyful from anywhere. Instead, I have discovered a more different society out of the existing ones, and I would name then ‘Ruthless society always in hurry’. But why so? I have been always against the idea of breaking traffic signals. Signals aren’t written in alien language that people find it so difficult to understand. They are denoted in colors. They aren’t lying on the streets to add a beauty look to the streets. They are meant for a specific purpose. They are meant for a civilized society. But why is it that we are just always in hurry? The signals would hardly last for 60/120 seconds. It isn’t just meant to make up stop unnecessarily. It also means that there are people who will be crossing a particular street by walk.
There are lanes, fast lanes and slow lanes. We can choose accordingly by the vehicle we are riding. Maintaining a decent amount of space between two vehicles is a must. This can avoid sudden hit at times and in turn save lives. At whose cost are we always trying to be in hurry? A cab driver carries passengers, a man driving with his family, there are people whose lives are associated with the one driving the vehicle. Everybody wants to just get into any empty space they find, even if it needed to change a lane and occupy. Even if a small gap is available between two vehicles, a 2-wheeler wants to just pass through it. Some vehicles would just continuously honk asking for a way. So, does he/she expect the vehicle right in front of him just flies off and makes a way for the former?? When we notice a vehicle marked with ‘L’ sign, we are expected to be lenient and generous towards the new learner, so that he/she is able to drive without fear and at his own pace. But what do we do? We instead feel ‘Why is this person even driving on the road this slow and taking up our time, let’s honk and honk and overtake the vehicle”. We are called a civilized society because it is believed that we can follow certain rules and regulations. Why are we so hesitant then or rather say unwilling to do so intentionally? Just being a pro at wheels isn’t enough, social sensibility is equally important while driving.
India ranks 1st in the number of road accident deaths across 199 countries reported in the World Road Statistics, 2018. India accounts for almost 11% of the accident-related deaths in the World. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh remain accounted for the highest number of road accidents and death on account of road accidents respectively in 2018, the report said. Accidents due to use of mobile phones while driving accounted for 2.4% of death followed by 2.8% for drunken driving, but the highest 5.8% deaths are due to traffic violations related to driving on the wrong side.
If we fear of getting harmed due to chemicals in food, if we panic when a pandemic disease arises around us, if we feel afraid to lose our life or the lives of near or dear ones to natural calamity, why aren’t we scared of losing our life to our own careless on the road. Our little carelessness and hurry can not only put us in danger, but also life of others. Let us be a little more civic, careful, patient, aware and most of be humble and generous on the road while we drive. Because Everybody is in hurry but nobody wants to die.

Statistics collected from various sources on internet.

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