Will the moon stay for a selenophile?

It was a rainy month of July. As the trees started to dance to the rhythm of winds, little drops of water from the mighty heaven fell to embrace the soil. Watching this magic, my heart was attaining its saturation point of happiness. Suddenly, my heart started to sound differently. No, no.. I don’t have any heart ailments. It was feeling something different for the first time ever since it was made. It was as excited as a little kid witnessing snowfall.
When I was dealing with all these new feelings that were happening within me, a car stood outside with its headlights peeping into my window. It was a black Volkswagen car of the same model I own. For a moment I thought of changing the color of my car from white to black. I have a strong love for this monochrome colors. I knew for sure that the car had not come to my invitation or rather no one cared coming to my house on that beautiful evening, but something-inside-me that was responsible for the strange feelings that I am holding within made me stand near the window with the coffee I never shared with anyone and watch what was unfolding.
Soon, someone from the driver seat of the car ran to its banner and was checking out on something. His attire confirmed me that he was the driver of the car. The picture before me was nothing unusual a person in an urban neighborhood witnesses. Everything was ordinary until she showed up. I didn’t know from where did she exactly come but I could see her standing near the car. The moment I saw her, my eyes failed to blink, her dark eyes stole my eyes even in the pitch dark evening, my foot didn’t touch the ground, my breath struggled, the coffee in my hand was spilling in all directions as my hands trembled. I have listened to stories stating someone losing their eyesight to lightning, but there I was losing my heart to that lightning when it brightened her face. I had never believed in angels before but for the first time I thought that if the angels existed, they would be jealous of her for her beauty.
Her fingers were playing with the rain, her legs were dancing to the thunder accompanying it and whenever she turned, her thin anklet made the most beautiful music I have ever heard. She was wearing a red saree and big chimmikis and whenever the rain got intense, her complexion raced with the color of her saree. I was fortunate to witness all those magic. The small window gave me big time. The cold evening felt hot for me. It was like someone torching fire near my frozen body.
When I was having the time of my life, the car engine started to my disappointment. She got into it immediately. The room turned gloomy and the hot waves of the cold evening which I felt seconds ago went along with her. I felt like screaming at her to not leave my eyesight, but will the moon stay for a hopeless selenophile? Anyway, I didn’t want to make such an embarrassment by screaming at her. First impression matters, right?
I didn’t know exactly why she suddenly turned her eyes to my direction from her car window, maybe just casually or did she knew that I was looking at her all the while? I instantly shut the curtains of my window and stood against the window breathing heavily. I could hear the car go away. My breath relaxed as I opened the curtains again. I watched with a heavy heart the car taking a right turn leaving my eyesight.
Inspite of living alone all those years in my home, with her not within my eyesight, I felt lonely. Solitude never gave me pain, I always enjoyed being alone. It was always the right place where I search for new ideas but today was different. Life shouted at me that I was wasting my time and it persuaded me to go after her. With the coffee in my hand getting colder and colder, my heart started to replay those magical moments of seeing her over and over. There was something in my heart that assured me that I would be meeting her again soon. In the wild excitement of getting a chance to meet her again, my heart started to search for words to speak to her the next time I meet her. After all, the earth is just 12,742 km long. Isn’t hope the brightest gift that the God bestowed on the mankind?

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