Willing to sleep

Everytime I remember the scent of the day in the field,
Like I was in a dream of feeling all happiness,
But the dream doesn’t continue much longer, because I devoured it too much,
I completely enjoyed the good feelings of one’s life,
Now it’s time for me to say goodbye to the things which is quite weird for me to have,
The good feeling is now rusted and it’s awkward to have those feelings after all the things,
I tore up all the past memories like a wrong answered maths sheet,
Where I used collect the emotions I perceived and store it in a locked cupboard,
Passing by the houses on the cemented road encourages me to think more of my grieves,
While getting accompanied by slightly drifting air in middle of the road,

I watched Perry bouys and the ripples which suddenly reminded me of the fact that now it’s gone,
Good for me to say a farewell to the fragrance I remembered,
But that turned violent and I tore it apart like it can’t be joined,
I am such a broken soul which no one can join ever,
Me as a part of my past disgusts me to such an extent that I am threatened to cause a mess,
Oh! I forgot the essence of that experience, which makes me feel better,
I am also afraid to lose the least sense I am left with but that makes me smile from somewhere I don’t know,
I covered myself with a warm feeling that I am still breathing which is exhausting for some people,
But I don’t want to make some one exhausted so I just feel to sleep very deep

that I can’t wake up anymore.

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