it’s not always that i cry my heart out in middle of the night
but as i can’t sleep and my soul is empty
here i am writing the words that rush to come out
the notions pushed out of my brave mind

i lost my sun and the darkness of the night deceived me
killed my soul and dismissed my emotions
i stayed away from all the happiness of my life
tricked, traumatised and exhausted

inexorable is my pain but sometimes treatable
with a wounded heart and some memorable scenarios
recovering from rejections is not easy to imagine
though at times it turns enigmatic

i fail to understand when my mind is closed
the only thing that is open is my mouth with an if and but
a little hint to a talk, a valour is all needed
to begin things from where they should start

those who hurt me, apologised for name sake
the words uttered, burnt my heart
a stage where i lost control of my feelings
such a hollow and deep sign of being upset

i thank my sleepless soulless night
writing this brought me to peace
the longing for the wind and a greeting from the moon
feels like warmth, analogous to my mother’s hug
but for now i sit by my open windowpane
with my paper and a pen,
assuring a brighter morning,
for i know this too shall end.

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