My heart stops for a moment, at the empty page,
I stand frozen, my hand hovering and poised
Waiting for the words to flit around my head
Dancing to the tune of the tale they have devised
And I watch silently, as the ink spills on to the sheet
I watch as the words gain, a life of their own
And I see myself unwittingly writing a tale
A story, which I have never even known
I watch the words pin beauty onto the pages
And I feel the pain in my heart bleed into the ink
As one by one all the words are written and carved
Before my mind clears enough to even think
I drown in the words that dance within my head
As they twirl, spin and flutter around my mind
And each time I close the book and dry the ink
I realize it gets harder to leave them behind
They are my sole companions as I sit alone now,
With ink bleeding onto the pages, regardless of time
And I begin to fear what I knew since the first word,
That these words were never truly mine
And yet they are a part of me and my soul now
For they have captivated my body, mind and heart
And no longer am I distinguishable from them
Nor do I ever hope to be set apart

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