Wrath of the all giving

Bedazzled with neglect, lies humanity
all efforts are witnessing grief and vanity
the globe is deteriorating little by little
the solid ground and all hopes have turned brittle

ignorance, since an eternity, has borne its evil fruit
the glory has vanished leaving behind just black soot
it’s too late for realisation, regret and remorse
the earth is nearing the end of its life course

news and estimates look hyped, but trust me they are not
should have thought about this, when we littered waste to rot
there is no going back to the simple pleasures of life
the world’s standing on the edge of a knife

the legacies to future generations, is a time far away
‘lt this generation live its cycle’, must be the words we pray
the way the nature has been exploited, this was bound to be
our joy is being shattered, just like we ripped the earth of its

we don’t know about the creator, but the destroyer of this world will surely be the human race
because gone are the days, when we enjoyed while the earth
lay with a weeping face.

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