The midsummer sky was full of blues and greens,
Even an occasional pink or red, perhaps.
But I was longing and searching for my Yellow to be seen,
Because he was the destination of my maps.

I gave chase for quite some time,
Yellow was quite elusive and playful, after all.
But when he turned to me with his face full of boyish smile,
I was helpless but to fall, fall and fall.

Yellow was quite a character, you see,
Yellow had painted surreal dreamscapes in me.
We shared dreams of having a home on the hill together,
Made promises that would be broken never.

Yellow was unexpected kindness on a bad day,
Yellow was power.
Yellow was the reassurance that all would be okay,
Yellow was mine for the hour.

“Do you think we’re fools?” I often used to wonder out loud.
Yellow would then look at me with his mirth filled eyes,
And with a cheeky grin towards the skies, he would say,
“Without a doubt.”

I loved him. I loved my Yellow.
Maybe that was why; I had to let him go.

While I waited with bated breath and in apprehension,
Looking out for storm clouds and counting days,
Yellow had started to give in to the tension.
How could I have failed to realise, that our love had started to fade?

I was seeking and scavenging for happiness,
You assured me everything was fine.
But behind the curtain you were letting someone else into our fortress,
You were making her your Sunshine.

In the blink of an eye,
It was all smoke and mirrors.
The Yellow I had once thought was mine,
Became just a mirage – an error.

With a heavy heart and misty eyes I bid goodbye,
To the dreams of having a quaint cottage on the hill.
Days and weeks passed by,
And so did the promises you never fulfilled.

It’s been months now, Yellow,
Since I last heard your voice.
Can I even call you Yellow
Now that you are no longer mine?

I’m happy for you though,
The broken chains and barbed wires wrapped around my heart
No longer hurt that much.
I hope your Sunshine makes you laugh; I hope she makes you glow,
I hope she fills your skies with rainbows.

As for me,
I am but a wounded soul.
Learning to Love again.
Learning to be whole.

For now, it’s just my company and me,
Making up adventures as we go.
Maybe someday I too will find my Sunshine,
Someone who won’t ever let me go.

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