Beneath the sky
Facing and gossiping with the ocean
Here I am….. For you…. Oh my beloved heart,
Withering….. And waiting…
Seeking you
Even in my deepest and wildest
Silences and spaces of my life……

My dream
Now you are my nightmare
Still, I enjoy you more than ever
To you, I might be an outsider, but you are my inside and out
Other than you I have nothing to live for
No rain to burn in, to which I wait for
No pit to fall in, yet I walk in…
No death to die for…
You are that death that I long to have me
You are that hug that can bring hell out of me
Every moment you walk through me, oh nightmare,
Yet you became my reason that I long to live all over again
Because long live my promises to you…
Forever… I am your bad boy

You are my first cry,
And then I cried at the time of my birth and every sad and
happy moments;
You are my first smile and then I smiled at every good and bad
You are my first war and then I declared war against every
moment, every impossibility, every loss and against this whole
You are my first fast and prayer and then come heavenly,
selfish and selfless prayers;
You are my first love and first life then comes my love to my
people, self-love and love to this world;
You are my first home only then come life, death, heaven,
hell, everything and nothingness…
You are my true self;
Without you, I am just another half-incomplete-suffocating-


You and I are the incomplete poems that run together
Trying to complete each other…
Don’t care about the rest of the world
They are just spaces and punctuation
Let’s just concentrate on ourselves more…
Let’s make this moment a breath-taking kiss that makes my
life’s tragedies rhyme…
Only You make my life’s tragedies rhyme!

Without you…
All my thoughts ended up being someone’s quotes
All my emotions ended up being someone’s actions
All my songs aren’t able to caress my soul a goodnight…
Without you…
All my heartbeats started speaking in alien languages among
themselves… ignoring me
Meaning lost its meaning in my surrounding
Without you…
Always, my words fail to express my intentions and emotions,
I suffocate with emotions…
I ran out of expressions…
Without you…

Your forehead tastes like a stary night
Your eyes taste like the sunshine & sunset at the same time
Your lips taste like my warm, endearing childhood…
You can enchant the mysterious world in me, with the curves of
your lips & never-ending roads like nerves… 
You rain on me just to tease the volcanoes to erupt in me
You are the rendezvous of smiles…
A home for the lonely love
A lullaby for the lost world
An escape route for the time itself
An endless forgotten island for the “journey” itself


Even silence can be fun
Even loneliness can be a companion
Even pain can be sweet
Moreover, even failure can be a love

While love can be a life
You are its meaning…
You are its meaning!


  1. Deepthi

    I just fell in love with your writing.Evert story I read of yours is just a unique experience.

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