You and Me

A picture of the sea,
Among some memories,
Is what made me think of you.
The water too was bright,
Deep inside, as dark as you.
As the waves thrashed those rocks,
Though still but alive,
I remembered those days,
And felt the pain coming back.
Agonising but divine,
Ruinous but obsessive,
Like the days we spend.

To this day I’m sure,
Though painful those were,
I’ll remember them right and forever.
As a lesson that taught me;
To love myself more,
To sleep and to snore,
To remember that it’s not all.

Some say they wanna go back,
Efface people like you for good.
But I say, ‘you stay’,
Since once I saw my life in you.
A lesson and a story today,
A forgotten friend your are now.
Part of a hurtful past,
A lesson worth remembering.
I let you go, let you slip off,
Tore you from the books I wrote,
All you are now are mere pages;
Old, battered and ugly,
Proof of a life we had,
Worth forgetting today.

All those while,
You kept telling me,
Asking me to give in,
‘Will you tell me yours,
If I tell you mine?
Will you let me in,
If I unlock my doors?’
Those doors though unlocked,
Were adorned with thorns,
Puncturing my will,
Tiring me, asking me to stop.
And so I did;
Forever though.

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