“You are Miles apart,
Now than back then.”
Said my foot today,
When my thoughts called you.

My heart chose to deny,
As it truly knows,
For the love you give,
Never will this be a stretch.

I cherish the days,
When You stood by.
Never left your hand,
While I fought my wars.

Never did you stood back,
During the tremors,
That fogged my days.
Stood by instead,
Smiled to me and said,
‘Never will I leave,
And never should you think.’

When my vision’s vague,
I turn to you in despair,
Reaching out my hand,
To know you’re there.

When you’re not,
I could feel your Shadows;
With your aroma,
That tiptoe me from behind.
Letting me know you’re there,
Promising you’ll be my truss.

When we move more apart,
I could now feel,
The Shadows are gone.
You turn the lights back on.

Maybe to show me you’re here,
And you care.
I hope you know,
Your scent is all the fuel
That I need to reach,
Wherever I wish.

Be it the dark,
Or with the sun,
I know you’ll hault,
I know.

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