Live your life with utmost satisfaction,

Before you die, gratify you lived your life to the fullest

With no self accusation and extreme contentment

Carry the zeal and enthusiasm in oneself

Making every second of life the last second of it,

Create new moments every minute by just being crazy, happy, blitheful, delighted

because you never know what would happen the next moment

Just entail the aspiration of living in your heart alive

But don’t misunderstand the pleasure with happiness

You are alive when you assimilate to drizzle like rain & blow freely like wind,

encapsulate every nanosecond with admittance

If you experience a new domain in every single minute,

then you live your life to the fullest.

Don’t get perturbed by the fate or destined,

Because present will never be lived again……..

Don’t presume that you will never going to die,

Because the destiny may make you die of having never really lived……

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